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Customer Testimonials

Some words from our customers
  • "...at the opening of our 7pm event at the Councourse Westin Hotel, I realized I had forgotten to create a giant check  to present as a prize.  Copy Atlanta designed and printed a 4 ft. check and brought it to the hotel by 7:30pm!" -Mr. Alan Cosby, Centennial HealthCare
  • "I particularly appreciate you folks because I don’t have the time to run this front desk, answer the phones, take care of the building needs and then have to worry and fuss with office supplies.  Only the person who has to take care of the miscellaneous needs of a hundred people can appreciate what good service in this area can mean.  I feel lucky to have you guys there for me." - Jeanette Smith, Concurrent
  • "I have worked with you and your company for the past twelve years.  You have always treated us as if we are the only client you have: a customer service phenomenon which is a rare commodity now a day!  Your professionalism, ethical work habits, attentiveness, efficiency, as well as calm and warm personality are amongst the few aspect of your success.  There has never been an unsatisfactory incident working with you and given the number of years we have worked together, this is nothing short of a great accomplishment on your part.  You single handedly have rejuvenated my faith and hope in customer service." - Fariba Kharazmi
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